Get to Know the Mercedes Benz SUV Lineup

Everyone agrees to travel in a luxury car because the road trip is made better with responsive engine, high-quality materials, and latest tech features to entertain. Mercedes-Benz is an ancient car company and has been around for more than eight decades. Mercedes automakers are focused on deep engineering, luxury, quality materials, and cutting edge, since it got introduced and has never actually wavered.

You still need to make a choice between Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Both are considered as top brands in terms of luxury. The former has large fan followers as the automaker is oldest in premium market but you need to see its SUV lineup.

  • G-class AMG [G65] – G-class models are the best all-terrain SUV, which is tough but elegant. G 65 makes of-road adventure look easy. It has V12AMG engine operating at 621hp and is said to be the most powerful SUV available.
  • GLA 250 4MATIC – All-wheel drive detects slick conditions automatically and redirects power towards the wheel that needs it most for more stability. If another vehicle in front suddenly stops, radar detects upcoming hazard and starts to brake. This model is popular for convenience and safety.
  • GLC 300– This slim SUV offers maximum comfort. The model is agile, light-weight, and fuel efficient without compromising off-road performance. Interior luxuries include rear-door sunshades, panorama roof, heated seats, and ionizer purified aromatic air. The tech-side is supreme making it easy to perform tasks like changing lanes, parking and cruising.
  • GLC 43 Coupe – GLC is a small sleek SUV equipped with AMG engine, which were originally designed for race cars. Therefore, GLC coupe feels like race car instead of a colossal model. Flexibility and speed change rapidity is provided by its 9G-TRONIC and 9 speeds feature. In 4.8 sec, it accelerates up to Brakes are big and cast with perforations for enhanced power and precision.
  • GLS 6S3 – This model is a family SUV designed to seat 7 passengers. The model features excellent entertainment 2 DVD players, 2 Screens, and allows 2nd row passengers enjoy entertainment separately or together.

  • GLE 550e – an eco-friendly car with low emissions and 5 It can be plugged in for using gas or electricity. Steering pilot and active brake help drive more safely.
  • GLE 63 S – Most advanced features like steering pilot, distance pilot, 11-way airbag protection, and active brake assist are included in this coupe. When you are at risk of driving drowsy, its attention assists make you aware of this.

Mercedes-Benz and Lexus SUV are both popular brands. The final definition of which seems better is individual. For some, tech side may be crucial while for a few prices can be the decision maker.