When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Are you thinking of a buying a car but waiting for the right time to buy? There is nothing wrong in this notion as most people defer their most considerable purchases till the time it is right to save money.

Well, when you feel the need to buy the car and are ready to make the purchase; that is the best time to buy the car. There are times when the discounts are big and savings are greater. However, if you see on a larger scale, the average difference of savings between the ‘worst’ and ‘best’ car purchase months is minimal.

Best Car Buying Times

If you are the types that wish to defer your car purchase to the best period, here are some options to try to get the best deal.

Month End

Check out the latest SUV price at the starting and end of the month. There could be slight variation in the price as the dealers wish to sell the few cars during this time to get the big bonus or a holiday.

Even if the price is same, there could be discounts by way of discounted accessories and freebies like extended warranty or free servicing.

Year End

This is probably the best time to get a great deal. Dealers wish to clear their stocks before the change of the calendar year. There are several great offers available in December on all makes and models of cars, SUVs, MPVs and others.

Compare the latest SUV price at the starting of the year with the year-end price of the same make and model of SUV. You will find a substantial difference and that is the time to make a deal.

End of the Design or Life cycle of a Model

You can expect the best deals when the manufacturers have announced a redesign or discontinuation of an existing car or SUV model.

Dealers wish to clear the old stock before the new redesigned model is introduced. This is when they make great offers.

Similarly, you can expect a great deal if a particular model will be discontinued after a couple of months.


Other than the above mentioned times, you can buy your new car in the best months that are October, November and December when the discounts are the best. There are also the times like the Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, President’s Day, Fourth of July and Memorial Day when dealers give out special deals to customers.

Choose the best time of the year to buy your new car.