Why Should You Get Car Insurance

If you are a proud owner of a car, then it is your responsibility to take precautions so as to protect it from several unexpected situations. If you have managed to purchase a car after saving a considerable amount from your salary, you don’t want to leave it in trouble for sure.

A proper Car Insurance policy can provide the best protection for your car. While you start searching a car insurance policy, you will come across two policy options:

Third Party Motor Insurance Policy: Perhaps, you know that it is compulsory by law. This insurance policy provides great coverage to injury or damage (if any) to a third party person or property.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy: According to the nomenclature, this particular policy provides coverage for damage or accidental loss (if any) to the car of the policyholder. It also takes care of any injury or damage caused by the policyholder to a third party property or person.

Which Car Insurance Plans Are The Best?

It is a tricky question because a policy that is suitable for your friend might not be suitable for you. Selecting an ideal car insurance Policy is not a very difficult task; you just need to understand your requirements properly.

To find out and shortlist the best car insurance plan, you should follow the steps discussed below:

Compare Policies Online: Today, with the advancement of the internet technology, more and more insurance companies are appearing with their deals that can pose difficulty for you in making a final decision. From this point of view, the importance of policy comparison has come into existence. You should start the comparison of the shortlisted car insurance plans at reputed and reliable financial websites.

You can analyse the coverage amount and then start tallying it with the premier quote for each and every plan that exists in the market. In this way, you can easily identify the appropriate plan that provides the maximum value for your investment.

Customer Service: It is considered among the most important factors while you start searching for the best car insurance policy for your car. To streamline the overall process, you need to analyse the credentials of the insurer, such as, customer reviews online as well as offline, years in the insurance business as well as reputation, efficiency of customer care team and their facility, online policy availability, and statistics of claim settlement.

Alternatives for Flexible Coverage: While searching for the ideal car insurance policy, you need to go for flexible coverage. The customer base of the insurance policy is very large and so ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy is not intended at all.

Always choose a plan that perfectly suits your budget and requirement. You need to give priority to that insurance company, having the feature of flexi-coverage. Pre-existing insurance packages in customized policies will suit your expectations and requirements properly.

Cost Effectiveness: It is true that third-party liability policies can be purchased at an affordable cost, but these policies provide limited coverage. Therefore, it is a smart idea to purchase a robust plan for a pocket-friendly investment.

You can also go for incredible add-on covers, depending on your requirements. We already know that making a comparison among different insurance policies is a wise way to select the best plan.

Effortless Service Distribution: You should find out an insurance company that has a vast distribution network.

By comparing the shortlisted car insurance policy in terms of the aforementioned factors, you can easily find out the best suitable plan for you.

Car Insurance Plans- Top Plans

 Five popular Car Insurance providers are as follows:

ICICI Lombard

According to a survey, the ICICI Lombard Auto Insurance is the most favoured insurer in the question of customer satisfaction. This particular car insurer depends on technology for multiple processes.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

It is one of the topmost insurers and the first in the insurance domain that has launched a telematics-based car insurance policy in the nation. The ‘Drive Smart’ is one of the incredible features in this regard with which policyholders can save at most 30 % of their premium cost.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company

Tata AIG has been focusing on customer satisfaction since its establishment by its best-in-class customer service and incredible features. So, it has become a reliable name for customers.

The Oriental Insurance Company

This particular insurance company is owned by the government of India and initiated its journey in the year 1947. It has been a recipient of various prestigious awards earlier because of high claims settlement ratio as well as for other factors.

Reliance General Insurance

This particular company offers online car insurance policy. You just need to enter the registration number of your car along with your email ID as well as phone number.

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